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Welcome to TV and Satellite
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Tel: 01296 712 113

Most audio-visual equipment (such as televisions, DVDs, satellite receivers, Freeview set top boxes, game consoles, radio tuners, audio amplifiers, surround sound systems, aerial distribution amplifiers) relies upon double insulation for electrical safety and has no separate earth wire.  However, this equipment does have a small amount of electrical leakage.  With a few pieces of equipment this is not dangerous and is acceptable under law.

As consumers add more and more equipment to their homes this leakage current could become dangerous and steps need to be taken to minimise the hazard.  The amount of leakage will vary between types of equipment and manufacturers, but in the worst case situation only seven pieces of equipment may be interconnected to keep the leakage below an acceptable level defined under British Standards.  The equipment does not have to be in the same room as it could be interconnected via the aerial cables for example.  The Confederation of Aerial Industries Ltd (CAI) has recognised this risk and qualified members will advise on this and fit the necessary safety connection to overcome this hazard.

The Code of Practice, issued to members, states that this safety connection need only be made if more than seven pieces of equipment are interconnected throughout the house. A certificate should be issued whether this connection has been made or not to explain the issue and inform the customer that the connection has been made, or advise that it should be made if more equipment is added.

We take the safety of our customers seriously and will make this connection if necessary.  Once the connection has been made the integrity of the earth will be tested and a certificate issued stating what has been done and why.

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