Welcome to TV and Satellite
Welcome to TV and Satellite
Tel: 01296 712 113
Tel: 01296 712 113
Closed circuit TV

Security at home and in the work place is becoming more and more important. Think of the uses for a small unobtrusive CCTV camera.


At home

  • Front door – see who is ringing the bell without even going to the door
  • Down the drive watching the car
  • Watching the horse in its stable
  • Round the back of the house
  • Baby alarm
  • Children’s play room
  • Garage or garden shed

At work

  • On the till in the shop
  • Round that corner where stock keeps disappearing from
  • Rear entrance
  • Front office door to act as an entry ‘phone system

In short if you have a problem seeing a particular place, a security camera is the next best thing. We have fitted CCTV in homes, shops and hotels.

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