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Reception from more than one satellite

It is possible to receive signals from more than one satellite from a single dish, it is fairly common practice for signals from Eutelsat's Hotbird satellite slot as well as both the Astra satellite slots to be received on one dish.


The picture above shows an 80cm Raven Gemini dish receiving signals from Hotbird (13 °E), Astra 1 (19 °E) and Astra 2/Eurobird (28 °E). The problem with this arrangement is that the two LNBs away from the centre are not using the full face of the dish to receive signals and a compromise is required. However if a toroidal dish is used many LNBs may be fitted to the dish and with DiSEqC switching one receiver can control all of them. The picture below shows a 55cm toroidal dish that will be far more efficient than the standard 80cm dish.


However, for maximum viewing ability it is possible to motorise a dish so that it tracks across the arc of satellites viewable from your location. This is not a simple job, and requires careful setting up of angles on the special dish motor and brackets, as well as a receiver capable of driving the dish. The smallest dish worth motorising would be 80cm, which would give an abundance of viewing and listening pleasure. Before any attempt is made to erect a motorised system it is essential that a full site survey is carried out. This ensures all required satellites are visible from the receive site.


Triax 88cm dish and Satscan/DISEqC (Digital Satellite Equipment Control) type motor


The equipment involved makes this a fairly expensive form of entertainment, with good systems starting at about £500 plus installation. But think of the benefits:

  • Languages help for the children at school and college
  • Brushing up on a language before you go on holiday
  • Seeing a country’s customs etc. before you go
  • Keeping up with the news back home for ex patriots
  • Current affairs from another country’s perspective

Conventional Polar Mount and Linear Actuator


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