Welcome to TV and Satellite
Welcome to TV and Satellite
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Tel: 01296 712 113
Hidden/discrete dish installations

Mrs Viewer wasn’t going to have an unsightly dish like next door!


Satellite dishes do not have to be fixed to the front of your house, and quite often a small digital satellite dish is less obtrusive than a huge aerial array. At TV and Satellite we pride ourselves in hiding the dish. If you want it on the front, that’s fine, but with a little more thought and care we will endeavour to disguise it for you. This may be by hiding it in a valley roof, siting it so it looks over the roof, hiding it in the garden and even painting it to match the brickwork or foliage. Even if you live in a listed building you can still have satellite TV, with consultation with your planning office we will endeavour to come up with a plan to give you the programmes you want with minimal impact on your building.




Can you see the dish in the following pictures? Click on the picture to see if you were correct.



OK some of those pictures didn’t show the dish, but that’s the point. Dishes do not need to be put on the front of the property, they can be installed down the garden in the holly bush, or on the back of the garage and the cable ducted underground, or hidden behind the wall of the oil tank housing.


Even if it can’t be put out of the way things can be done to make it less obvious. How about painting bricks on it to match the wall?


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